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The Non Teacher, Teacher

I have absolutely No-Thing to teach. I’ve seen what happens to spiritual teachers. They become consumed with students and it takes away their practice of what they teach. The spiritual student is not a normal academic, they have emotional and psychological baggage that needs clearing. Then, if you make a living teaching as your primary income? Now it’s even more added stress. My greatest teacher has maybe 3,000 people in the entire world interested and ready for what she does and only 300 will make that choice and ask her to be taught. This is not a income gold mine at all. The greatest Reiki teacher in the world has maybe 6-8 classes per year? I used to pursue this, build my spiritual resume, until I realized that the sacrifice and effort would be too great. Its not for me, at least not formally with advertising and a studio. Students like me, usually don’t come back down from the mountain. Plus, as one who constantly has to die to the ego, do you really want to be called master? guru
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Your Doing It Wrong

If your working just for retirement and even just family, your doing it wrong and your gonna burn out. Your resume will never fail you. Your resume will never betray you. Your resume will always return more than what you have devoted to it. Your resume is lifelong and has a momentum being generated from day one. Your resume will never abandon you although you can certainly abandon it. If your in a job and you don’t already know the paragraph your gonna write on your resume for that job? Do it right now and if you can’t think of anything, you figure it out right now. Your resume is your life long expression to the world. It sums up what you did and why your here. It sums up your purpose. You may have more than one resume, nothing wrong with that. The question is, how long does an artist be an artist? The answer is, as long as an artist can be an artist. Your resume is your art, it is your expression unto the world about this one life you have right now. Everything grows and stems from y

More Dead Things

My holidays were filled with nothing but joy, peace and love. I looked forward to them every single year. I had a good run with them from 1970’s to 2007 it was always moments that I will cherish and they are frozen in time, I can still remember them like yesterday. Today, in 2021 they are more dead to me than anything else. Things die and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Didn’t someone once say to have loved and lost is better to have never loved at all? I’ve loved, I’ve lost and if I’m honest with myself, its all dead that’s associated with it. All the holidays and celebrations are dead to me. For what purpose would it serve to raise them from the dead every year? Have you not seen pet cemetery? It didn’t turn out very well. So Santa and the Turkey I finally leave you alone in your grave this year, its been a blast. I highly recommend it but your headstone for me has been carved out a long time ago and this year its finally in place and I am more at peace than ever before. Time t

The World After Me

Jim Morrison processed life events fairly quickly coming to many realizations that I don’t think people understand until they read his writings as he wrote. Towards the end of Jim’s life his statements were mind blowing for his age. One that has stuck with me is that he truly believed that if anyone were to become wealthy beyond their means, all these resources should be directed to whatever expression you desire to leave upon the world after your gone. Jim believed that the worst thing in life was a life NOT expressed and just going through the motions. This expression didn’t have to be music, art or writing, it could really be anything that you deliberately decide to do. The most important thing is to find your passion and lean into it and do it everyday. If you just do this one thing, you avoid what Jim believed to be the greatest tragedy in life, a life of stifled expression, a life of survival in fear by cultural obedience. When you can see the passion of expression in others and

JESUS - History Repeated

The human tendency on spiritual things over time seems to deteriorate. When I see the simplicity of the Buddha and then see the complexity of how his teachings have evolved with his followers and especially Jesus and what he said and who he said it, I just step back and wonder what the fuck happened? First of all, the bible as we know it today wasn’t official until 320 AD All the New Testament texts were all complete within 75 AD The Old Testament first five is the Jewish Torah and the rest is also about the Jewish people. Its the back story. Jesus had a problem with the priests and the Jewish religion that had evolved by the time he showed up. Jesus basically said to them you got it all twisted and I’m here to clean house. After 2,000 years, do you think we need another cleaning out? Did Jesus say create the bible? Did Jesus decide on the 66 books of the bible? Jesus never wrote about himself, it was always the testimony of someone else doing the writing. The words of Jesus are your f

Agents in the Middle

I would never use ever again just because of this one story. Granny, 63, and granddaughter, 6, kicked out of hotel after bad review The hotel chains that resist these services that stand between you and the hotel are just not worth the risk. Motel6 I think has resisted. Maybe even Hyatt or Hilton and Marriott. The quality of where we stay in America in general has gone down in the past decade or so. Why we tolerate nasty hotel and motel management is a puzzle to me. Our minimum standards really need to go higher.

Thanksgiving, Gratefulness & No Regrets

  Aries is my Astro Science sign and in true form as a fire sign, I burn fast and hot and after the time is up, then I move on. I move through most events of people, places and time very quickly, always the fool learning the next lesson. Most of the time its just a natural process. I don't mostly do long distance relationships. At 52 years old, Debby+Family and Chris+family is pretty much it. Others I've cherished every moment we've had. Sedona, Shasta, Joshua Tree, Pagosa Springs ALL had some of the most loving people I've ever interacted with in my entire life. My Reiki classes, my Shaman Munay-Ki classes, my Akashic Record classes, my IAM classes and the Lady of the Desert and ALL of my teachers. These experiences have been priceless and many are in my book to share. I have always behaved from a position of LOVE, it may have been on the edge of LOVE and it may have tilted over to the FEAR side from time to time. Maybe its better to say I've always strived to acti

Whitey on the Moon

In 1969, Whitey landed on the moon. Song by Gil Scott-Heron A rat done bit my sister Nell.  (with Whitey on the moon)  Her face and arms began to swell.  (and Whitey's on the moon)  I can't pay no doctor bill.  (but Whitey's on the moon)  Ten years from now I'll be payin' still.  (while Whitey's on the moon)  The man jus' upped my rent las' night.  ('cause Whitey's on the moon)  No hot water, no toilets, no lights.  (but Whitey's on the moon)  I wonder why he's uppi' me?  ('cause Whitey's on the moon?)  I was already payin' 'im fifty a week.  (with Whitey on the moon)  Taxes takin' my whole damn check,  Junkies makin' me a nervous wreck,  The price of food is goin' up,  An' as if all that shit wasn't enough A rat done bit my sister Nell.  (with Whitey on the moon)  Her face an' arm began to swell.  (but Whitey's on the moon)  Was all that money I made las' year  (for Whitey on the moon?)

Just Don’t Do It

Nice guys finish last however we have zero regrets. The hippy new age movement was very threatening to those in and still in power. If you still think “the people” are in power, please wake up and look around. The only way your gonna buy into the American dream is if your asleep to believe it. There is a “club” and your not in it and you will never sit at the high table. LOVE is what the New Age is at its core. You focus on LOVE as your guiding force as you step through this journey and you will not do what they want you to do which is act in FEAR. Thats it, The Beatles figured it out, Jim Morrison figured it out, Gandhi figured it out, MLK figured it out, Jesus figured it out, is that ALL we have? Obama? Yes, I really think he could be seen as an agent of LOVE compared to 2021. Tim Cook, Apple? Very much so, check out how Apple managed removing the homeless of Apple land. Sir Elton John, Yes! So much LOVE. Where have the rest of the LOVE icons gone today? Look at who we worship today?

Goodbye American Pickers

I am firmly on team Frank and Mike needs to stop acting like an asshole to his childhood friend. What Mike has done to Frank goes against every fiber that made up this show. Dani is in the middle so she gets a pass. Mike, absolutely not, if you don’t fix this, everything you worked on is just going to unravel. I cringe just by seeing Mike’s face! I am not alone and the audience will prove if I’m right or wrong. Is it really worth it? Do the right thing Mike before your window closes for good.


Fear keeps in line and prevents us from advancing Fear requires constant force to maintain Very much like advertising. Why do I need to be reminded of Mc Donalds breakfast, Taco Bell and Pepsi? This constant force must be in place for the desired result. The “screens” you stare at for most of the day filter you a network “program” that desires to maintain and increase you in a constant state of fear. We need to tread awake and aware on all our “screens”. I AM naturally LOVE, LOVE is Power not Force, I AM naturally leaning towards LOVE until the reminder of fear happens. Judy Carroll says this perfectly on this C2C epi If we can just solve the one fear problem with love, all the rest of humanity will fall into a very beautiful place.

People Who Are Dead To Me In 2021

David Paul White Marilyn Ann White Nathan David White Mayumi Kamata (stop using my last name) White Alexandra White Matthew White Samantha White And pretty much any other pathetic “relative” still on this side of the veil. I’ve been dead to them for a very long time. Except for my paycheck funding over $30,000 a year without even a thank you card or phone call. Fuck all of you so very much. The difference is I’m not afraid to hide it. Talk about dysfunctional! Happy Thanksgiving Ass Clowns

The Most Awkward Interview Question

I didn’t get the job because of Little People. Engineering interviews are notorious for odd questions that have no real correct answer and reveals more about you who is answering. Once upon a time I was asked with a serious face, “If you were leading a team on a project and it can be anything, how would you take the most advantage of having a dwarf on your team?” I know now we refer to them as little person and not dwarf or midget. After I was done laughing, I quickly noticed that my interviewer was not. So I said, “you mean in terms of physical ability or advantages to the project for the team like a sniper right?” “Yes, of course” he said. So without hesitation, Austin Powers movies closely in my mind I said “I would have my little person dress up like a baby in a stroller and every evening I would be reading him a bedtime story, looking homeless outside of the Ritz Carlton in hopes that someone would pay for a $300 a night room and I could provide shelter for my entire team on site

A More Nefarious Deception

 A More Nefarious Deception Who are the most powerful humans on Earth? Those who know spirit, those who are beyond human, those who may not understand it all, however they understand enough that this is NOT all their is. Once you have this seeded in humankind and we also believe there is an opposing force NOT wanting this for humankind, the main goal of this opposing force will be to minimize the power of your spirituality. The effectiveness and the impact you will have in your life and others. First and foremost we each have healing to process. Mental or physical, the most common aspect for every human is the need for healing at every level. If I can't heal, I can't make spiritual progress. This is mostly the healing of your mind which also may involve a physical condition that is in the process of healing. Our metric is very simple. In my spiritual practice for most of us involving religion, have I healed? Have I made progress? Am I operating from my wounds or from my will? A

MISSION : The Concrete Clearing

  For all of my life I have pursued God in every way possible and I have experienced God in many different ways and until that happens, your just doing a mental exercise. My only desire has been, what's next. What's my next mission, what needs to be learned, cleared and healed? When I say "Ok, angels, I'm ready for what's next" something always moves. Events in my life trigger missions as well. Learning of my mothers past got me interested in being Catholic. After donating $500 to an Italian orphanage that didn't exist because of a false prophet who kept on saying that Trump was the real president, my desire for structure, authority and authenticity drove me even more into Catholic doctrine. Doreen Virtue doing an about face to the New Age and becoming a fundamentalist also had a big impact upon me. It bothered me very much until God told me that any other kind of divination was forbidden because God was in direct contact with his people and needed extreme

And It Was Good

Then  God reflected on what he created and It Was Good We see 3 falls of man with God, Eden, Babel & Noah. We also see God making deals with man, such as Abraham. So here is the thing. Because God loves us. He never stopped acting in our best interest after Eden just like any Father would with his child. 2,000 years later AD (After Jesus) we now have a mixture of God and Man interaction with creation. Our real primary job right now every morning is to distinguish between what is of God and has to be good and what is no longer good and is of Man. What has godly man expand upon that was created by God and has to be good? What is man expanding upon that is no longer good and has been distorted evil? Evil is not a “thing”, evil is a distortion of God created good such as human sexuality which has been exploited with no end in sight. 3 Prime Directives We Each Have: (1) We expand upon Gods only created good. (2) We seek to restore Man’s failures of cultivating what is of Gods good. (3)


Imagine if you gathered together your most cherished spiritual teachers. Let’s say they are a dozen. Eleven explicitly deny any existence of any kind of supernatural deception and basically say your doing it to yourself in one form or another. Then the twelve one says, its cannot be more than the exact opposite. By the very nature of deception, the deception is so successful, you will question its very existence! Also, it is tailored to you specifically! Only you can be deceived at your exact level. The reason why you can point out deception in others, is because its not yours! Deception demands customization, personalization so it can be the most successful. Now your presented with your choice, do you pick the odd one out? Do you go with the majority knowing its possible they have all been collectively deceived? As parents, the very first thing we do is tell our children how to be safe. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t take a ride with a stranger. Don’t go anywhere by yourself. Jesus de

How Do I Put God The Most?

I don’t have any proof, however its most likely true, most pay more attention to their pets than they do with God. Everyone, Elon Musk included for now, only has 24 hours in a day on Earth. Its truly how we each show what is most important to us. America has no lack in choices on how we spend our time. So while God desires us to put him first, I believe this also means to put God the most! As you become more conscious of your choices with time, over time this creates a momentum and begins to define who you truly are. In 2021, being defined as one who places God in their life the most, claiming the majority of your time, is very rare and the distractions continue to just grow every year. We must continue to scrutinize and strive more to find that balance.

Veterans Day 2021

Most veterans will never experience hand to hand combat confirmed kills with our enemy. When and if these veterans come home, physical wounds will heal faster than the mental wounds which can last a lifetime. They will never ever be the same. Families will never ever be the same. From every one of us they deserve our continuous highest respect, love and grace we could ever give. A veteran should never ever be homeless period. A veteran should never ever be without food period. A veteran should never ever be without available employment period. A veteran should never ever be without the best of healthcare period. A veteran will always first be a veteran. They may struggle and they may be further labeled by society as less because they are unable to function as the rest of us. They are first a veteran as they sacrificed normal so that we could all continue to do normal. They deserve every grace, every pardon, every pass, every forgiveness we could ever give. I honor every veteran that s

The minions Agenda

The Top 5 Lies: The greatest amount of energy and momentum is centered among these 5 concepts. (1) Reincarnation is True (2) There are Many Paths, One Truth (3) There is No One Truth (4) There is No Supernatural Deception (5) This Life Is All There Is

Can You Be Blessed By Satan?

3 Questions: (1) When was the last time you sinned? (2) When was the last time you asked God for forgiveness and repented? (3) When was the last time you were tempted? The longer the time for any of those questions, the greater the risk you are not a spiritual threat and because of this, you just might be blessed by the wrong person. Remember when satan offered Jesus all of the Earth’s kingdoms 40 days tempted in the desert because it was given unto him? I’d be very concerned if I was a millionaire. Back in the 70’s we heard of rock bands summoning success from satan. Today, the strategy seems to have definitely changed. We have successful new age teachers, blessed by God or by something else?  Should that teacher lie about the nature of God as The Holy Church teaches, I’d be very concerned. Doreen Virtue with Hay House is a perfect example of someone who realized the error of her ways and reversed direction. It cost her dearly! She became an instant spiritual threat. Frankly, I’d rath

The Lords Trajectory

For most, following Jesus is a life long endeavor that moves through many different phases. Many get comfortable with their walk, feel they are in a good place and find that middle of the road on a narrow path. Then there are others, such as myself who ponder just how far can I go with The Lord? What is my next challenge, my next mission, my next risk in my walk with Jesus? Like a rocket, it first has to be aimed in the proper direction and then in constant course correction until it hits its target. Ongoing trust in my Lords guidance system is a continuous  process, jumping into the rocket was easy! At least for me. However, most will not take that first step into the cockpit and for me, in the end, I would have rather been the one who jumped into the rocket and failed than the one who never got into the rocket at all.

AM I Christian?

  If I was forced to select just one question, this would be it. When I am tempted to sin and I (a) sin, what do I do? (b) not sin, why did I not do? Both answers will need to involve God. If I sinned, I ask for forgiveness and truly act upon repenting. If I did not sin, I successfully resisted satan and his minions and obeyed God as his servant. Obviously more but this is where it begins.

The Servants Test

Have you ever sinned? Yes Have you repented from sin? Yes Have you ever been tempted to sin? Yes What prevented you from sinning? Obedience to The Lord, the desire to not offend God’s commands and minimize the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

Never Would I Ever, Again

Never Would I Ever Be emotionally or financially involved with anyone other than a practicing Catholic.  Not a Biden pussy fraud Catholic but a Mass & Confession attending practicing the CCC Catholic. If your not a practicing Catholic which is simply Mass, Confession and following the CCC, your a fraud, you need wake up, stop it or leave Your driving without a license and under the influence of Satan We live in dangerous times and there is no room for compromise. All it takes is one shallow rooted Christian to take you down, they are accountable to no authority, nor are they obligated to any specific authority! Its all willy nilly. Look at how the hysterical evangelical embraced Qanon and Trump. Wasn’t that a loud enough warning? Not one person is immune to this, given the right event at the right time those closest to you, trusted the most your spouse, father, mother, brother will harm you the most and will turn on you like the carnal wild animal they truly are. Ask yourself with

Intelligence, Its What America Does Best

American Principles I have no proof to be true but probably is: The Most Successful Intel Asset is the one who never realized they were used before, during or after the mission. Every G20 leader has an Intel team of 5 or more dedicated to monitoring their every move so they can give any leadership an immediate analysis. Remote Viewing and hundreds of the congress verified MK-Ultra projects have been perfected over the last 20 years. The Art of War is Required Reading and put into daily practice. Especially the part where you “pretend less than you are” ALL the time, every time. The most successful weapon is the one where you may not know it to be a weapon and you have no idea who used it. Success is measured by the continuing dominance of America overtly & covertly throughout the entire World and at the same time never ever publicly mentioning this position.

The Top 10 LIES from the minion of ALL Lies

The Bible is just a bunch of stories that men wrote down. Jesus was just a good person who you can become as well if you try hard enough There is no such thing as a demon, your all doing it to yourselves. If Satan does exist, he was picked on and is just misunderstood by history. If you don’t figure it out in this lifetime, don’t worry, you have plenty of lives to come back and be a better person. Where is God in all this suffering? What has he ever done for you? Are you really responsible for Adam & Eve’s sin? There is no real true church its like a radio where you dial in whatever fits your taste. The Bible is the greatest and most successful self-help resource in the world and at the very least you will be a better person. The older and larger the church, the greater the corruption. Be modern and fill them in and let the Lord take care of the rest. Words mean different things in different times. The Bible really isn’t supposed to make much sense in 2021


Each of us have a life long relationship with money and unlike spouses it cannot be divorced. Which is kind of ironic given that divorces always cost so much. They are priceless in terms of your mental health especially when you are unequally yoked with the shallow rooted Christian. In 2021, given the current state of our culture, quite simply, no marriage, no children would be my recommendation going forward. Look around, perhaps Gen Z is truly our last normal generation? Why Gen Z? Family soon will be a luxury for the rich and powerful. Kind of like how it was when there were castles and peasants. If you don't think that's where we are headed, look at Japan. For some reason, Japan is always on the edge of modern culture and it heads our way, usually a decade in advance. Back to point, MONEY creates MOSTLY liability. First you must decide, how much do I need to be me. This is where you pass or fail. What is it going to take for you to be you? Do you really want the liability o

Learn From My Most Horrible Error

My birth was directly influenced by The Catholic Church. My mother was 16 and my father is unknown. She won't tell me and its not on my original birth certificate. What I do know is that my mother's parents were Catholic and my mother gave birth to me with the help of countless Priests and Nuns of the Catholic Church. I gained LIFE directly because of the faithful in Catholic Church Doctrine. 13 years ago, I lost everything in my life from the lack of Catholic Doctrine. The "shallow rooted christian" who has the playbook (scripture) with no Coach (priest) and there is no authority that they adhere to. My spouse took down everything along with my immediate adopted mother, father and brother. I can guarentee you this would have never happened with a devout Catholic, one who love's Jesus more than anything else. In one instance I gained life because of The Catholic Church and during life I lost everything from The lack of The Catholic Church. The "shallow roote

Guess Who Apologized?

Proof we have a tendency to believe in whatever we want to believe and in todays world, there are plenty of reasons we "prop up" to legitimize and rationalize what we believe. Our beliefs have nothing to do with this if we are not explaining ourselves to other people. We have this pre-formed performance of a story in our minds about what we tell others. Observe CoVid Vaccines for example. Most of us have rehearst in our minds what we are going to say. Most (sadly) have different versions of what we are going to say to different people. Its all very exhausting. However, its not the belief thats the issue. Its why do you believe that is the issue, understanding your choices in belief and why you believe in a certain way. You can justify, rationalize and reason pretty much anything with other people. You can't lie to yourself for very long. With ALL this in mind I present to you this. The over 100 official public apologies of the Catholic Church by the long reign of Pope Joh

Gender or Behavior

Male & fe Male |  Man & wo Man Who came first? Looks like Man. We are all born the offspring of Eve. As Chapelle elequaintly said, every human being on this planet, as far as we know, if naturally born, has been passed through a woman's vagina. Let's not confuse gender with behavior. Behavior is influenced by your environment. Environment is influenced by your culture. Culture is influenced by History (his-story) History is influenced by the Ruling Class The Ruling Class has its orgins in cruelty. Why do we go to "class" in school? What does every "class" have? A Ruler. Because if we "pass" the "class" we rise up in Class. "Almost everything that we call "higher culture" is based upon the spiritualising and intensifying of CRUELTY--this is my thesis; the "wild beast" has not been slain at all, it lives, it flourishes, it has only been-- transfigured." ~ Nietzsche Beyond Good & Evil

Jesus - How Much Is Enough?

Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different opinions of Jesus. When compared to others (if you honestly believe you can) perhaps similar, I’m not quite so sure. Why such a broad spectrum? Do we really have the option to pick which version of Jesus we are willing to tolerate like the intensity of our coffee? Level One seems to go this way. Jesus was a great teacher and he was an example on how we are supposed behave because he sacrificed himself on the cross. From here you can just imagine levels two through eight variations so I’m just gonna skip to nine. Level Nine: Jesus is fully GOD and fully Man. Jesus is the only one like this and Jesus has always existed with GOD who is called “Father”. Jesus is also called “The Second Adam” because the first Adam polluted mankind's purity and GOD the Father required a sacrifice as practiced by GODs chosen people of Israel. We are told through one man separation was introduced (Adam) and through another (Jesus) separation from GOD has been re

Satanic Tendencies

  What’s it like to be satanic? Just do whatever it is you want to do. Alister Crowley said something like that. It drives to the very heart of the issue. Satan desired to be GOD. The blindness of PRIDE is always just a thought away and then over time, it becomes easier like a worn in glove. Don’t fall for it. This World is designed and programmed for you to get lost in pride at every turn. It is the most destructive power ever. It causes wife’s to leave their husband for no reason. It causes harmful suffering in our children, It causes brothers to abandon each other and Fathers & Mothers to betray you. The ones who you trusted your entire life can be the ones who harm you the most all because of pride just being a few thoughts away. Your natural tendency is satanic and it’s not a red suit, horns and a pitchfork, that’s a lie too. With the LOVE of GOD in your life, you have a fighting chance against your true sinful nature.

Why a Priest?

Pastors are great until they get busy and then they are not. Developing a sincere relationship with your average Pastor today is just not done in a church of 500+ people. As well as a consistency of belief! If I’m a baseball player who travels from town  to town, I need an umpire who follows the same rules so I have God given clarity. Every Catholic Priest, worldwide, trained and anointed the same. God given clarity. My priest knows my name, knows my most intimate of thoughts and actions and is right there at my bedside as I pass from this life unto the next. My priest sacrifices a normal life for his flock in terms of our most valuable asset, TIME !!  Pastors are great until not, then a Priest is better.

The Curators of Jesus Christ

Jesus told the woman at the well, clarity was coming soon. You got clarity on God in 2021? If you don’t have clarity on who God truly is or if you don’t feel you have enough answers about God, The Roman Catholic Church gave the world our Bible and a tradition that dates back to 300 AD. God provides and continues to preserve the clarity he promised in The Catholic Church. Scripture is only 50% of what The Catholics offer. The Catholic Church offers a unique authority on Jesus Christ. One single authority, one single source, worldwide. Everything else is immature rebellion. Everything else seeks to divide the mystery of The Church since 300 AD If your a Pastor for a few hundred people, do you really want to take on that roll and declare on such issues that the Pope does? Heck no, you tell that person to pray because you have no true authority to do anything otherwise. Would you want 2 FDA’s 2 EPA’s or 2 Presidents? No, its confusion. God has provided clarity worldwide. You can complain a

Liar Liar and No Pants On Fire

Our Government lies without consequences daily. Our Government has lied without consequences daily easily since the 1950’s. The consequence of a Government who is a serial liar, is a tired population who will believe in Q anon, faked moon landings, a rigged election, Clinton eats babies, Obama was never a citizen and anything else that comes out of Trumps mouth. This is what you get when you lie, people who will believe in anything. Stop the lying & You Stop Fake News Dial it back to integrity or suffer the tinfoil hats being more common than ever before.

Before The Fruit

  Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is: Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-Control Against such things there is no law. Here we are told the result of being indwelled by the Holy Spirit as believers in Jesus, a promise Jesus made to those who follow him as disciples. We today are those disciples and there is a difference between the roles of being a disciple and being a apostle which might be a good study for another time. I'd like to focus on the process that one goes through before the fruit shows up and as one who has been with Jesus since I was 8 years old, you can imagine the experiences I can share. My earliest one was at a time where the bully in school was tolerated. Late 1970's early 1980's. I attracted bullies like no one else. Maybe sometimes I deserved it, many times not. My only recommendation is that your never start a fight with a bully but if it cannot be avoided, you stand your ground and finish it. It was dur