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Why a Priest?

Pastors are great until they get busy and then they are not. Developing a sincere relationship with your average Pastor today is just not done in a church of 500+ people. As well as a consistency of belief! If I’m a baseball player who travels from town  to town, I need an umpire who follows the same rules so I have God given clarity. Every Catholic Priest, worldwide, trained and anointed the same. God given clarity. My priest knows my name, knows my most intimate of thoughts and actions and is right there at my bedside as I pass from this life unto the next. My priest sacrifices a normal life for his flock in terms of our most valuable asset, TIME !!  Pastors are great until not, then a Priest is better.
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The Curators of Jesus Christ

Jesus told the woman at the well, clarity was coming soon. You got clarity on God in 2021? If you don’t have clarity on who God truly is or if you don’t feel you have enough answers about God, The Roman Catholic Church gave the world our Bible and a tradition that dates back to 300 AD. God provides and continues to preserve the clarity he promised in The Catholic Church. Scripture is only 50% of what The Catholics offer. The Catholic Church offers a unique authority on Jesus Christ. One single authority, one single source, worldwide. Everything else is immature rebellion. Everything else seeks to divide the mystery of The Church since 300 AD If your a Pastor for a few hundred people, do you really want to take on that roll and declare on such issues that the Pope does? Heck no, you tell that person to pray because you have no true authority to do anything otherwise. Would you want 2 FDA’s 2 EPA’s or 2 Presidents? No, its confusion. God has provided clarity worldwide. You can complain a

Liar Liar and No Pants On Fire

Our Government lies without consequences daily. Our Government has lied without consequences daily easily since the 1950’s. The consequence of a Government who is a serial liar, is a tired population who will believe in Q anon, faked moon landings, a rigged election, Clinton eats babies, Obama was never a citizen and anything else that comes out of Trumps mouth. This is what you get when you lie, people who will believe in anything. Stop the lying & You Stop Fake News Dial it back to integrity or suffer the tinfoil hats being more common than ever before.

Before The Fruit

  Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is: Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-Control Against such things there is no law. Here we are told the result of being indwelled by the Holy Spirit as believers in Jesus, a promise Jesus made to those who follow him as disciples. We today are those disciples and there is a difference between the roles of being a disciple and being a apostle which might be a good study for another time. I'd like to focus on the process that one goes through before the fruit shows up and as one who has been with Jesus since I was 8 years old, you can imagine the experiences I can share. My earliest one was at a time where the bully in school was tolerated. Late 1970's early 1980's. I attracted bullies like no one else. Maybe sometimes I deserved it, many times not. My only recommendation is that your never start a fight with a bully but if it cannot be avoided, you stand your ground and finish it. It was dur


  The Truth, The Half Truth & No Truth At All When Trump took office I was very excited. I knew things would get done that the President's of the past could never get done. Such as moving the American embassy in Israel to Jeruselum from Tele Viv. Having the NATO countries pay their bills. Fair trade with China since there is no reason for any side to have trade deficits. If you trade a billion with us, we trade a billion with you. Gitmo still stayed open and Afghanistan still continued so obviously our excellent Intel and Military leaders briefed him on what was really going on effectively. Then what I call the "DC Enchantment" set in and whatever agenda was contrary to it was dissolved and then the fundamentalist churches, mega churches and the Southern Baptists weighed in and was fully behind Trump at whatever cost. Then CoVid came and it all went crazy. At that time I was following self proclaimed prophets on YouTube who had a track record and a following of people


With every child, our culture has a choice. Raise up the child properly or deal with a felon thug later on. Our culture would do very much better if we were not so very short sighted. The evidence of being short sighted is the facts we are facing today with our federal and state prison systems. If every child was given every possible opportunity tailored for that child, a great percentage of direct costs in caring for an inmate would be reduced. We as a culture are paying > $60,000 each year for every inmate. Imagine if that money was spent before the final offense that landed that child in jail. This happend only because we have become so short sighted in our culture. This is only from a tangible dollars and cents perspective. From a cultural mental health emotional perspective, this is priceless. The emotional pain and suffering of a child going into the prison system as an adult might as well be a death sentence. Reintegration back into society after "time served" is on


Fear can work for you or it can work against you My mother at 16 years old was pregnant with me as the result of most likely a close family friend or relative. My father is not listed on my original birth certificate. With my Grandparents being Catholic, my mother was sent away to a nunnery to give birth to me and she had no say in the matter at all, it was her parents decision. The fear of them being punished by God saved my life. Fear had worked in my best interest and gave me life. The fear of the "belief" in a future punishment after death saved my life. Belief can save or take life. We should be crystal clear about this because it was NOT out of love. My family was a wealth legacy. My Great Grandfather was an Army General in WWI and WWII and founded Walton Hills, Ohio. This was out of shame and embarrassment also rooted in fear. You would think that because of this I would be extreme pro-life and anti-abortion. Its not that simple. My adopted parents gave me the best tha

My Father

Jesus tends to wake me up extremely early to write so this time I listened and its 3am. I remember my Father and Mother being different towards me and even myself prior to my childhood trauma event at 7 years old. That event unfortunately had changed things forever for everyone and they both and I had to really work hard to get me back to any kind of normal. By the time I had graduated High School, it was no where near as bad as it was in Middle School. My Father, to use his generations terminology is very much a "square" and I'd say my Mom is as well since I'll never forget the look on her face when she heard Led Zepplin for the first time. I don't use the word "square" in a negative way, I needed a square, I needed as many squares as possible as a child. They are reliable, dependable, resilent and a good foundation to stand upon. Early on my Father used to take me to work at the newspaper and I was hooked, all I ever wanted was that office or that cubi

Prayer Journal 09.08.21

Dear God, I pray for my President Biden, that you will give him clarity of mind and purity of action for what is the highest good of America. May you speak to him constantly and reasure him on his actions. I pray for my President's advisors, the cabinet and the Vice President that they may give the best possible information for the good of all Americans. I pray for my leaders in the Senate and the House, that you may guide them into the best possible decisions for all of America and lead us into a greater future than ever before. I pray for the nations of the world who have lost their way in how they persecute their own citizens so much that we have people risking everything to enter into America. I pray for the United Nations to be more effective and involved in the world and to share the burden that America alone has taken on. I pray for the media and the news that comes across the television that they may see the error of their ways and return to an integrity that has been lost

The Newsom Recall

  As a former Californian and having witnessed the long decline in the quality of California from 1991 to 2021, I have a unique perspective. In 1991, convinced that unless I remove myself from the influence of my father's money nothing worthwhile in my life would ever happen.  California paid for my college education in full and then some! That education enabled me to have an entire family with three very healthy children. Today, those benefits and opportunities of 1991 do not exist in 2021. Is it Newsom's fault? No. Has he truly pissed off long time residents of California? Most likely yes. The Arnold "Total Recall" happend because of Enron, it was because of fraud. This new recall perhaps is going to be the blow back that happend nationally when Trump NO ONE expected Trump to get elected. Do you see the mirror? We go from Obama to Trump as a nation and now its Newsom or as I would call him "Nuisance Newsom" against Elder in our most populated left state. M

The DC Enchantment

The enchantment magic around DC is there to make sure there is no true deviation from the agenda because when you consider the elected people who come to serve here from all over the country and they promise change because the local people who elected them desire proper change, however once they arrive, they realize it is hopeless, truly get discouraged and most of them stay a minimal amount of time being here. Trump did everything possible for real change and few agreed and even fewer things happened, he was our last hope against the agenda but the enchantment has been here for hundreds of years, marching step by step with minimal deviation and minimal distraction. The My Pillow guy knows pillow tech through and through. He does not know first hand, election tech. This was the best agency covert op if I ever saw one. They used his desire to believe against him. They put the right people in place to convince him. Then they destroyed him. Mike will be very fortunate just to continue his

Sadiant Lands - My Recent and Most Significant Beginnings

  In my most significant beginning, my great grandfather was an Army General who was in both WWI and WWII. He created the town Walden Hills, Ohio and as you can imagine a family wealth legacy that still continues to this day as every little plot of land was sub divided for new surburban homes. Fast forward to 1969, my mother gives birth to me at 16 years old after having sex with most likely a horny family relative or family friend (as far as I can tell because my father isn’t llisted on my birth certificate) and the only reason I’m alive is because they believed they would go to Hell in the afterlife if my mother had an abortion because they were Catholic. So, not born out of love. Born out of fear of a post humanous survival not in Hell because of religion. Let’s just get that straight. I’ve actually found my Mother in Independence, Ohio who works at the vet clinic. She wants nothing to do with me. Fuck you Mom and the entire family. This is very different from the story I was told a


 As I AM myself in these blog posts, there are some principles I would ask for you to keep in mind. My Prime Directive comes from the concepts, ideas and principles of Jesus Christ. As written in our miraculous Holy Bible which has survived every scrutiny and every attack possble and is still relevant today and will be with us as God has promised until the end of time. Jesus spoke of the Earth as not our true home. Jesus spoke of this home being in turmoil. Jesus spoke of the Earth being ruled by forces difficult to undestand. Jesus spoke of deception, few if any other spiritual teachers speaks of there being a global deception. Jesus spoke of the Earth being and under a curse. Jesus spoke of the Earth's demise and rebirth. Jesus spoke of not caring about this life and caring more about the next life. Jesus spoke of loving your enemies and doing good for them. It is upon these ideas and concepts that Jesus presents that I write. I write to warn, inform and awaken so you may see wha