As I AM myself in these blog posts, there are some principles I would ask for you to keep in mind.

My Prime Directive comes from the concepts, ideas and principles of Jesus Christ.

As written in our miraculous Holy Bible which has survived every scrutiny and every attack possble and is still relevant today and will be with us as God has promised until the end of time.

Jesus spoke of the Earth as not our true home.

Jesus spoke of this home being in turmoil.

Jesus spoke of the Earth being ruled by forces difficult to undestand.

Jesus spoke of deception, few if any other spiritual teachers speaks of there being a global deception.

Jesus spoke of the Earth being and under a curse.

Jesus spoke of the Earth's demise and rebirth.

Jesus spoke of not caring about this life and caring more about the next life.

Jesus spoke of loving your enemies and doing good for them.

It is upon these ideas and concepts that Jesus presents that I write.

I write to warn, inform and awaken so you may see what I see and be aware.

You must judge for yourself, I'm not a con-vincing person or one of pursuasion. I couldn't sell ice to a lemonade stand.

I know nothing and I have no-thing to teach, I only offer a perspective that may be beneficial to your healing and well being.

I also do not believe in 2021, traditional organizations, NGO's have proven themselves trustworthy of our money.

We live in a new age of information and connection that has eliminated the need for funding on many traditional ways of communication.

Charging for your "words" is not as lucrative as it was before. You got something important to say? You got a documentary to fund? Please, give me a break, post it for free.

I believe that helping people who you know and who are placed on your path in this journey are the ones truly worthy of your hard earned money and it eliminates the middle men or "meddling" men as I call them and you help the person directly and most effectively involved.

I didn't always feel this way, I think what did it was the $70,000 palm trees that line the driveway of the mega church Saddleback.



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