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 The Truth, The Half Truth & No Truth At All

When Trump took office I was very excited. I knew things would get done that the President's of the past could never get done.

Such as moving the American embassy in Israel to Jeruselum from Tele Viv. Having the NATO countries pay their bills. Fair trade with China since there is no reason for any side to have trade deficits. If you trade a billion with us, we trade a billion with you.

Gitmo still stayed open and Afghanistan still continued so obviously our excellent Intel and Military leaders briefed him on what was really going on effectively.

Then what I call the "DC Enchantment" set in and whatever agenda was contrary to it was dissolved and then the fundamentalist churches, mega churches and the Southern Baptists weighed in and was fully behind Trump at whatever cost.

Then CoVid came and it all went crazy. At that time I was following self proclaimed prophets on YouTube who had a track record and a following of people who claimed to have messages from God. They were convinced that the electon was false and Trump would be in office very shortly. Even the My Pillow guy fell for this and its cost him his business.

Now, I have never been scammed on the Internet before since its inception and it WAS a record I enjoyed bragging about until now.

I had made a positive comment on YouTube to one of these NOW prophet wackos and I got what looked like a personal response to give money to an orphanage in Italy. I even checked out that part of Italy to see if there even was an orphange but I didn't check good enough.

We now live in an age where anyone can say anything and a million people read it within seconds. Back in the day, if you were a prophet of God and got it wrong, they stoned you to death.

$500 dollars later, I realized what had happened, I got scammed for the first time in 25 years.

I even notified the ministry of Robin D. Bullock and they said it's happened many times before and they don't know how to stop it.

Well, thats when I think I had blown my gasket.

In the past, I had become very discouraged in donating money to my church Saddlback Church the home of Rick Warren when I heard the palm trees were $70,000. I didn't want my money going to palm trees.

So I switched gears and would do dedicated places like Heifer International and use charity navigator for scores.

Anyways, my gasket was blown for the final and last time. I craved structure and more structure in the Truth.

Ever since I learned my mother was Catholic after getting my original birth certificate and realized that the only reason I am alive is because of the countless conversations my mother had with nuns and priests that encouraged her to give birth to me, I was investigating converting to Roman Catholic.

Lets also note that most of my new age friends were going off the rails and into paranoia with CoVid all the inner peace, joy and love went out the window for most of them. They had no foundation.

Two of my great teachers even died recently and they had a tremendous amount of work left to do so thier soul possibly saw very little reason in sticking around.

All of these events together had me craving for the true structure of what we call Christianity. As Southern Baptists, its kept very simple and because of the Protestant Reformation which (I now call the Protest Rebellion) it grew out of just the Bible only.

Anyways, I visited with a priest and explained my problem and was welcomed into the Catholic Church. I started my RCIA class in September and will be fully Catholic on Easter 2022. I also now have a Father who will give me my last rites because I have no one else to be with me as I am constantly teatering on ill health.

So in the course of waiting for September to come, I continued to dig into what it really means to be a Catholic.

First of all, any refereneces that the new age uses from the Bible to support specific views they are promoting are patently false.

This also applies to ANY energy healing which was my only motivation as I learned from many teachers.

Secondly, I feel cheated. I feel cheated out of the other 50% of Christianity I never experienced before because of this stupid Protest Rebellion which basically said to the Catholics, thanks for the Holy Bible, we'll take it from here, see ya later!

This to me is now the greatest possible tragedy ever for Chistianity. It's been divided and conquered in countless ways instead of it being ONE body in Jesus Christ AS JESUS INTENDED IT TO BE.

What we see as Christianity worldwide today is a fragmented, ill concieved abomination of good people with the best of intentions who have completely missed the mark on what Jesus truly intended the Holy Church to be.

I cannot stress enough to every Christian out there, explore the Catholic Church in its structure and foundation. Sure, there are problems. However, you are being cheated out of what you thought was Christianity.

In The Roman Catholic Church you will discover the other 50% that Jesus desires for you to discover so you can weather any storm that comes into your life and be the definition of inner peace, joy and love.

Anything other than Roman Catholic for any Christian will be cheating you out of the full experience that God desires for you. Its that simple. 

I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I listened to the wrong people simply parroting what they also learned from the wrong people.

Let's stop this nonsense,

In the Love & Light of Jesus,



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