Prayer Journal 09.08.21

Dear God,

I pray for my President Biden, that you will give him clarity of mind and purity of action for what is the highest good of America. May you speak to him constantly and reasure him on his actions.

I pray for my President's advisors, the cabinet and the Vice President that they may give the best possible information for the good of all Americans.

I pray for my leaders in the Senate and the House, that you may guide them into the best possible decisions for all of America and lead us into a greater future than ever before.

I pray for the nations of the world who have lost their way in how they persecute their own citizens so much that we have people risking everything to enter into America.

I pray for the United Nations to be more effective and involved in the world and to share the burden that America alone has taken on.

I pray for the media and the news that comes across the television that they may see the error of their ways and return to an integrity that has been lost for so many years.

I pray for our places of worship, that we continue to increase in the love for each other while believing and worshiping differently.

I pray that we continue to remove racial, social and economic barriers just as Jesus once did and provided the perfect example.

I pray for those who have no faith at all in God, may you reveal to them who you are and remind them that they are loved.

Lastly, I continue to pray, love and forgive all of those who have done any wrong against me, who have plotted against me, who are my enemies, which has its true roots in fear and in mental health.

In Jesus Name I Pray and So It Is,



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