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With every child, our culture has a choice.

Raise up the child properly or deal with a felon thug later on.

Our culture would do very much better if we were not so very short sighted.

The evidence of being short sighted is the facts we are facing today with our federal and state prison systems.

If every child was given every possible opportunity tailored for that child, a great percentage of direct costs in caring for an inmate would be reduced. We as a culture are paying > $60,000 each year for every inmate.

Imagine if that money was spent before the final offense that landed that child in jail.

This happend only because we have become so short sighted in our culture.

This is only from a tangible dollars and cents perspective.

From a cultural mental health emotional perspective, this is priceless.

The emotional pain and suffering of a child going into the prison system as an adult might as well be a death sentence. Reintegration back into society after "time served" is only a very hopeful ambition and most likely will never happen.

We are all in this together, we either pay now or pay later on how we raise our children. We have the resources for both outcomes. We have to desire better a better outcome and not be so driven by being such short sighted in our cultural planning of children.

It can change and it can be better if we want to so to be.

Remember the cupcake experiment where a child was promised another cupcake if they just waited 5 minutes?

The second cupcake children are the ones who are best fit to make decisions for our culture if our culture is to survive.

We have changed, unfortunately it has not been fast enough and far reaching enough for our future generations to survive without a severe trial of character.

Greta is right, Greta is correct and Greta has every right to be angry for her generation. Any action now, no matter how extreme other generations may believe it to be, may not be enough.

Humankind in 2021 has never been more comfortable, more successful and more decadent than ever before and at the same time we are mentally and emotionally suffering more than any other culture before us.

Over 2,000 years ago, we had a visitor who claimed to be GOD, our creator. His name was Jesus. He is the only one who communicated a unique message that no one ever claimed before or after. If you desire true inner peace, joy and love in the midst of all this endless chaos, Jesus is your answer to explore.

What else will be your foundation for your own survival? Maybe you have not had your trials yet? You can't have a testimony until you have been "tested" and the only ones who have a testimony are the ones who survive to tell everyone else about it.

We each have our own special trials to move through and when the only way is through it and you are unable to avoid it, that's when you know its your time, your trial has come.

Jesus desires to be that foundation for ALL of your trials.

Who better than the one who created you to be the one for lasting inner peace, joy and love in this life and in the next?

We only have to give our hearts to Jesus and he takes care of the rest.

In The Love & Light of Jesus,



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