The DC Enchantment

The enchantment magic around DC is there to make sure there is no true deviation from the agenda because when you consider the elected people who come to serve here from all over the country and they promise change because the local people who elected them desire proper change, however once they arrive, they realize it is hopeless, truly get discouraged and most of them stay a minimal amount of time being here.

Trump did everything possible for real change and few agreed and even fewer things happened, he was our last hope against the agenda but the enchantment has been here for hundreds of years, marching step by step with minimal deviation and minimal distraction.

The My Pillow guy knows pillow tech through and through. He does not know first hand, election tech.

This was the best agency covert op if I ever saw one. They used his desire to believe against him. They put the right people in place to convince him. Then they destroyed him. Mike will be very fortunate just to continue his business, he has and will loose a fortune.

The best agency asset is the one who never knew they were an asset. The best agency target is the one who never sees it coming and can’t explain it after it happens. Billions of your tax dollars have been spent perfecting this ghostly spy craft.

Afghanistan was the final straw, China and Russia have no issues with the Taliban ruling and taking over. The UN hasn’t cried out for her either. We were the last one’s because Russia and China welcome terrorism on USA soil, it solves their cold war with us and they don’t have to fire a single shot.

The greatest military in the world just gave the greatest military equipment in the world to a terrorist organization who now controls a nation and the other superpower nations DON’T CARE!

America’s final chapter has already started, how long this chapter is, we just don’t know.

How long can a $23 Trillion dollar debt be sustainable?


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