The Newsom Recall

 As a former Californian and having witnessed the long decline in the quality of California from 1991 to 2021, I have a unique perspective.

In 1991, convinced that unless I remove myself from the influence of my father's money nothing worthwhile in my life would ever happen. 

California paid for my college education in full and then some! That education enabled me to have an entire family with three very healthy children.

Today, those benefits and opportunities of 1991 do not exist in 2021.

Is it Newsom's fault? No.

Has he truly pissed off long time residents of California? Most likely yes.

The Arnold "Total Recall" happend because of Enron, it was because of fraud.

This new recall perhaps is going to be the blow back that happend nationally when Trump NO ONE expected Trump to get elected.

Do you see the mirror? We go from Obama to Trump as a nation and now its Newsom or as I would call him "Nuisance Newsom" against Elder in our most populated left state.

Most voters will only care about California and couldn't care less about the tidal wave the Senate will have as Elder finally retires the stench who has plauged the Senate for way too long.

Sorry Bruce Jenner, nobody fucking cares about you anymore ever since you were off the Wheaties cereal box I used to eat for breakfast back in the 1970's.

Being a celebrity is a curse! Kurt Cobain was described by his friends as the "loniest person in the world" days before his death. Where were you Courtney Love?

The question is, did Newsom piss off enough votors, with the CoVid disaster, (mostly seniors who know how things used to be) to elect probably the first black governor that I can remember Larry Elder?


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