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Why a Priest?

Pastors are great until they get busy and then they are not. Developing a sincere relationship with your average Pastor today is just not done in a church of 500+ people. As well as a consistency of belief! If I’m a baseball player who travels from town  to town, I need an umpire who follows the same rules so I have God given clarity. Every Catholic Priest, worldwide, trained and anointed the same. God given clarity. My priest knows my name, knows my most intimate of thoughts and actions and is right there at my bedside as I pass from this life unto the next. My priest sacrifices a normal life for his flock in terms of our most valuable asset, TIME !!  Pastors are great until not, then a Priest is better.

The Curators of Jesus Christ

Jesus told the woman at the well, clarity was coming soon. You got clarity on God in 2021? If you don’t have clarity on who God truly is or if you don’t feel you have enough answers about God, The Roman Catholic Church gave the world our Bible and a tradition that dates back to 300 AD. God provides and continues to preserve the clarity he promised in The Catholic Church. Scripture is only 50% of what The Catholics offer. The Catholic Church offers a unique authority on Jesus Christ. One single authority, one single source, worldwide. Everything else is immature rebellion. Everything else seeks to divide the mystery of The Church since 300 AD If your a Pastor for a few hundred people, do you really want to take on that roll and declare on such issues that the Pope does? Heck no, you tell that person to pray because you have no true authority to do anything otherwise. Would you want 2 FDA’s 2 EPA’s or 2 Presidents? No, its confusion. God has provided clarity worldwide. You can complain a

Liar Liar and No Pants On Fire

Our Government lies without consequences daily. Our Government has lied without consequences daily easily since the 1950’s. The consequence of a Government who is a serial liar, is a tired population who will believe in Q anon, faked moon landings, a rigged election, Clinton eats babies, Obama was never a citizen and anything else that comes out of Trumps mouth. This is what you get when you lie, people who will believe in anything. Stop the lying & You Stop Fake News Dial it back to integrity or suffer the tinfoil hats being more common than ever before.

Before The Fruit

  Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is: Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-Control Against such things there is no law. Here we are told the result of being indwelled by the Holy Spirit as believers in Jesus, a promise Jesus made to those who follow him as disciples. We today are those disciples and there is a difference between the roles of being a disciple and being a apostle which might be a good study for another time. I'd like to focus on the process that one goes through before the fruit shows up and as one who has been with Jesus since I was 8 years old, you can imagine the experiences I can share. My earliest one was at a time where the bully in school was tolerated. Late 1970's early 1980's. I attracted bullies like no one else. Maybe sometimes I deserved it, many times not. My only recommendation is that your never start a fight with a bully but if it cannot be avoided, you stand your ground and finish it. It was dur